EE ConsultEE Training Employment Equity TrainingEmployment Equity ActEE Act- Excellence is not an exception, it is our prevailing attitude.

The EE Act (Section 53 (5) as Amended) states that the relevant Codes of Good Practice MUST be referred to.

Code of good practice: Preparation, implementation and monitoring of employment equity plans : 


Section employees should be made aware and informed of –

  1. The objectives, content and application of the Act, its regulations and Codes of good practice in preparation for their participation, including consultation.
  2. Matters relating to the identification, prohibition and elimination of unfair discrimination and affirmative action to achieve equality and diversity in the workplace.
  3. The proposed process to be followed by the employer.
  4. The advantages to employees for participation in the process.
  5. The need for the involvement of all stakeholders in order to promote positive outcomes.
Section 7.11 ~  Communication of the EE Plan must be informed by a communication strategy.

The above is also confirmed in the Dept of Labour Basic Guide to Employment Equity Consultations :  Informing Workers ~ ALL WORKERS MUST BE INFORMED

The Employer must retain attendance registers as proof of awareness / training sessions. 

***Many Training Companies in South Africa facilitate “Accredited EE Training”, but the contents of the training do not comply with the requirements as stated above resulting in additional financial expenditure for employers having to re-train employees.

Our training and awareness programmes :

  • Have been carefully designed to meet the requirements above and that of the Dept. of Labour.
  • Are interactive , practical and to the point.
  • Presented by a Subject Matter Expert & Accredited Skills Development Facilitator.
  • Contains "real life" scenarios & awareness material as required by the Codes of Good Practice , plus employee motivation. 

Comments on our Training  Sessions :

"Excellent. Expectation of content exceeded"
"Was great and an eye opener"
"Very useful and opened our eyes"                                                                                 
"Very good, clear and easy to understand"
"Training was very informative and helpful"
"Very informative - Definite better understanding of the EE Plans & requirements"
"Comprehensive + very helpful"
"I found the content very useful and easy to follow"

The facilitator :


"Very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience in the field"
"The method of training was excellent"                                         
"Very knowledgeable and able to handle difficult groups"
"Well informed, and allows group discussion and input"
"Knows her contents in terms of topic. Presented subjects thoroughly and very well."
"Jonieta Visser - Subjects matter expert"
"Has a very good understanding of content."